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(lettuce/spinach with choice of  4)
Fresh sprouts*


(Vary in price per item)
Raw Falafels
Coconut Wraps
Raw seed bread
D/h Olives
D/h marinated mushrooms
Toasted seed mix
Shredded coconut
Raw kimchee/sauerkraut
D/h marinated onion
Raw parmesan
Activated almonds
Activated walnuts
Nutritional yeast


Honey India (Honey, garlic, curry, spices, sesame, olive oil, ACV, salt)
Omega 3 (Flax oil, garlic, Acv, tamari, tahini, salt)
Vita C (Orange juice, olive oil, ACV, dates, dried herbs, salt)
Green dragon (spirulina, chili, cayenne, garlic, dates, ACV, olive oil, coriander, basil, lemon, salt)
( 4 toppings and nut cheese)
Tomato paste (basic inclusion)
Spinach (basic)
Capsicum (basic)
Onion (basic) Dehydrated onion (extra)
Dehydrated olives (extra)
Dehydrated marinated mushrooms (extra)
Avocado (extra)
Eggplant ‘bacon’ (extra) *
Dried Pineapple*

Fresh Bone Broth

Long revered by many on the path to a thriving body, bone broth is known to have superior healing effects on our gut, by repairing our mucosal lining and providing a concentration of  vitamins and trace minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. A combination of these and other nutrients helps the immune system to strengthen, preventing and reducing symptoms of inflammation and disease.

Apart from this broth, our menu is based on raw, organic and vegan. Because of its extreme health benefits we chose to include it for the sake of wellness.


The ultimate fast food is a fresh, organic juice or smoothie that soothes the taste spuds and will deliver a bounty of vitality, love and concentrated nutrition to every cell of your body.  From a fresh and cleansing detox juice, a creamy vegan protein shake to one of the best green smoothies imaginable, we will have the liquid feast for you!

Beans and Leafs

Made by our passionate baristas, our organic coffee will be just what you need at any time of the day, perfectly hot or  crisp and cold with our delicious cold drip, for those times you need a cool pick me up. We offer a full range of herbal teas, coffees and raw warm drinks made with your choice of home made nut ‘mylk’, rice milk, coconut milk or dairy.


We believe in starting the day with a smiling belly which is easily achieved with a bit of tender nourishment.

Amidst our specials, which will be ever changing, we will have our beloved staples such as Chia seed pudding, raw granola, quinoa porridge.

Specials can include buckwheat pancakes, Gluten free toast vegan muffins.


Raw Chocolate Chai (no) Cheesecake, Raw Carrot cake, Raw Fudge Slice, Raw Turkish Delight slice, Raw Lavender and Blueberry Bliss Balls… the list goes on.