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As a supplier of Organic Food in Perth, we source our ingredients from local suppliers and marketers’, the Thrive Juice bar and café offers an ever changing menu incorporating organic and biodynamic produce.

Our friendly staff will accommodate your needs and maintain the highest level of passion and integrity with their service.

Our store/café /dinning area offers the third-space experience of another ‘YOU’ space…. away from your home and office…this space is yours to come and get your market needs, relax, enjoy good nourishment and be apart of the community.


Our passion is creating dreamy, tasty, exciting and nourishing super food treats. We know some of you think that healthy means compromising taste and others are still not convinced, but we have dedicated a team of passionate health warriors to show you otherwise.

Our raw vegan treats are filled to the brim of delicious, wholesome, organic, natural and unprocessed ingredients. Enjoy this food knowing it is made with love, tastes AMAZING and will make your cells happy (happy cells, happy you).