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Our Ranch Story

We are passionate about nature and animals and owning a farm was always our dream. The dream was realised in 2003 when Sabine heard that 25 ponies were being sent to the knackery after a local farmer had declared bankruptcy. Sabine could not let this happen to these healthy mares, foals and stallions and so she bought them. range story 1

The challenge was now to find a home for the horses, which resulted in the purchase of the Rainbow Ranch. The ranch spreads over 658 acres with several paddocks and natural bushland and is a perfect place for the farm animals as well as for the local wildlife.

The Rainbow Ranch is now a sanctuary for all kind of animals with 123 horses, 12 Alpacas, 3 goats, 1 cow (who now roams with the horses), chickens, ducks, cats and one dog. Many of the farm animals are rescued and came from neglected or abused backgrounds. The local wildlife – kangaroos (heaps!), pythons, dugites, bobtails, monitors, echidnas, emus and even a wedged tail eagle pair – enjoy the safe haven of the Rainbow Ranch. Pythons are coiled in the feed shed, kangaroos join the horses on the paddocks and bobtails greet us on the patio.

Our Rainbow Ranch is a place for animals to live as natural a life as possible in the vicinity of Perth where the urbanisation leaves less and less place for our fellow creatures.

Sabine and Wolfgang Steffens
Alive Organics