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Meet Our Naturopaths

Paul Werndly ND

Paul Werndly ND's passions lie in education and coaching in the areas of Naturopathic medical and culinary fields. This includes medical consultations, assessments and teaching/making specific recipes that match your health nutritional requirements. For example if someone is vegan, gluten free and experiences fatigue Paul can create a medical program and a delicious healthy culinary plan for you. Hey, you can even come to Alive on one of his shifts and he can create something delicious that suits your requirements for you there and then. His overall philosophy is back to the basics, 'old school' natural health and nutrition. Pop in for a chat, a juice or lunch on Tuesdays in our Inglewood cafe or Wednesdays in our Morley store.

  • Consultation Days : Monday - Sunday
  • Consultation Timings : 
Paul Werndly 



Kristine Dorado

KRISTINE has been practising naturopathy for the past 5 years here in Perth. Kristin uses a combination of naturopathy and kinesiology to assist clients in finding physical and emotional balance.

Kristine finds great joy in assisting people of all ages though is particularly passionate about the health and well being of children.

Kristine runs kinesiology for the community by donation at Alive Organics in Morley. 

  •  Consultation Days : Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Consultation Timings :
Kristine Dorado